Our Office Space "Frontline Cowork" at Techzone -4 Greater Noida West U.P .Frontline Securities Ltd.

Office's For Outsourcing

Outsourcing overseas companies has become a strategic move for many companies looking to reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and gain competitive advantages. This practice involves delegating various business processes or services to third-party providers in different countries. While it offers numerous benefits, That’s why Frontline Cowork brings the opportunity for companies to set up/establish their plants with Frontline Securities Limited.

Facilities provided for Outsourcing

  • First to fourth floor : Office space of plate sizes of appx. 9,000 sqft.
  • Basement + Stilt : Car parking space for appx. 80 cars.
  • Lifts : 4 lifts from KONE with six passengers capacity.
  • Pantry : 2 Pantry on each floor along all the necessary equipments.
  • Fire Safety : All work related to fire safety is complete in the building.
  • Each floor is fitted with smoke detectors.
  • Sprinklers along with 1,00,000 liters underground water tank.
  • Electrical Work : All electrical work is completed in the building.
  • Each floor has two floor panels which are connected separately to the main panel.
  • Panels are connected separately to ensure uninterrupted power supply.
  • Cars Lift : 2 electrical Car lifts covered with canopy.

  • Surroundings/Locality

    The building is well-connected by a network of good roads, ensuring easy accessibility and efficient transportation. This excellent road connectivity facilitates smooth commutes and convenient access to nearby amenities and services, enhancing the overall convenience for residents and visitors alike. There is a super bazaar and shopping complex within a radius of 1 km from the building.

    Location & Connectivity

    CRM Software Partners

    CRM Software Partners

    Space & Outsourcing

    We are offering temporary memberships for individuals, firms, and companies to use our cabins. Our facility is ideal for employees from various sectors, including banks, multinational corporations (MNCs), startups, IT companies, and BPOs.
    Currently, we have 6 office spaces with a total carpet area of 220 square meters, providing a seating capacity for 59 people. However, our flexible arrangements allow us to accommodate over 750 people.
    Whether you need space for short-term projects, overflow from your main office, or a flexible working environment for your team, our cabins are designed to meet your needs. Enjoy the benefits of a well-connected location, modern amenities, and a professional environment to enhance productivity and collaboration.

    Area Details


    CRM Software Partners


    CRM Software Partners

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    Visit Us: cowork.fslindia.com
    Send Email to: frontlinecowork@fslindia.com
    Location Office: Frontline Cowork at Plot No.-15, Techzone -4 Greater Noida West, U.P.
    Corporate Office: B-22, Sector-4, Noida, U.P.
    Contact:+91 9922769033, +91 9811293351